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Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaners

Our competitively priced 10 step oven cleaning service will leave your oven gleaming in about 2 hours - we clean standard ovens, ranges, hobs, extractors, AGA’s and Rayburns as well as microwave ovens.


Cleaning your oven and removing grease and carbon deposits on a regular basis will prolong the life of your oven and reduce the risk of any cross contamination.

Protect your investment by having your oven properly deep cleaned by our fully trained professional technicians.

Our 10 Step Cleaning Process

  1. Pre Clean Inspection to identify any existing faults or areas of concern
  2. Covering of work area
  3. Removal of racks, trays and liners
  4. Removal of Glass and seals cleaned (where possible)
  5. Take out and place all racks, trays and liners in van dip tank
  6. All interior and exterior surfaces cleaned
  7. Any minor repairs undertaken (if necessary)
  8. Dipped racks, trays and liners rinsed and refitted
  9. General clean up of work area and remove all coverings
  10. Customer inspection and review

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