Dishwasher Cleaning

Dishwasher Cleaning

Is your Dishwasher performing badly?
Does your Dishwasher smell?

Have your Dishwasher professionally cleaned with an Extreme Homecare Appliance Clean which:

  • Removes limescale build up from internal parts
  • Eliminates detergent build up
  • Helps kill odour-causing bacteria
  • Hygienically cleans all internal parts
  • Maximises the efficiency of the appliance
  • Prolongs the life of the appliance

We also:

  • Steam clean door/seals removing grease & dirt
  • Replenish salt well
  • Replenish rinse aid
  • Deodorize to remove musty smells & odours
  • Run a post-service cycle to flush dishwasher leaving it clean & sanitized ready for use
Clean Dishwasher
Shiny Dishwasher